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Your wallet will be your SmartTrader Contract's owner. No one can access and use it except your wallet. Other user's usage does not affect your speed.

Smart Trader is a java based desktop application. You need to install node.js app to your computer.
Smart Trader Packages is compressed files. You have to extract all first. Winrar, Winzip, 7-zip etc. apps may help you to do it.
1- Extract all packages to a folder.
2- Click on the Setup. (Wait until the window closes. It may proceed for a while.).
It will download all packages that are used for SmartTrader functions.

If you have any problems Download packages with node_modules here. Don't forget to change the .env file.

Alternative Full Link
1- Open ".env" file with Notepad app and change them with belows.
Copy button is able copy all.